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Hotel Hospitality System

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Jump Wireless TCI introduces State-of-the-Art Hospitality System to TCI to manage IPTV, Guest Check-In, Hotel Services, Room Service, Guest Check-Out and much more...

Jump WireLess TCI launched its wireless Network for Broadband Internet and IPTV Digital Television in March 2020 for serving Turks and Caicos Island and plans to launch in the 4th quarter of 2021 a similar services in USVI.

Jump Wireless USVI & TCI is now launching the next step in our services for the Caribbean and Latin America by introducing a complete Hotel Hospitality Package for In-Room entertainment. Our solution enhances guest experiences while simultaneously creating new revenue streams for the property.

Jump WireLess’s goal is to bring reliable high-speed broadband internet service, customized IPTV Digital Television and Hotel Hospitality Entertainment solution to the Caribbean and Latin America at reasonable prices and operating at the highest standards. The Jump Wireless team brings decades of telecom operational experience in the United States and the Caribbean to our island and Latin America expansion efforts.

Jump Wireless In-Room Hospitality offering is a customizable solution for the hotel property that maximizes guest experience and hotel profitability.

Guest Welcome Screen

Guest Check-Out Screen

Link system to guest phone

Food Ordering Options

Order room service

Restaurant options

Restaurant menus/pictures

Drink Ordering

Special Food Event Offering

Feature Property Guest Services Offerings – Massage, etc…

Hotel Management of Offering, Videos and Design

Customizable IPTV Streaming Option

Pay per view movies

Pay per view events

Sports channels

Video on demand

Music channels

Hotel Event Marketing On-Screen

Ability to Sell Off-Site Marketing

Sell Event Tickets On-Line

Feature Conference and Wedding Service Property Offerings

24/7 Support

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