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JUMP ON Jump Wireless

Jump Wireless TCI is actively adding customers to our High-Speed Wireless WIFI Network.  In the near future, we will be launching our IPTV Digital Television service for Turks and Caicos.  We are now ready to roll-out our full launch in Providenciales areas of Kew Town, Blue Hills, Five Cays and Glass Shack.  Additional service areas coming in 4th  quarter of 2021. Our goal is to bring reliable, high speed internet service and IPTV Digital Television at affordable prices.

Wireless WIFI

  • Unleash the World

  • FAST Speeds

  • Affordable Plans

  • Reliable Internet

  • Steam across all your Devices

  • Fast & Easy to set up

IPTV Digital Television

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Expanded line-up

  • International channels

  • Premium channel options

  • Movie and event programing

  • View on Multiple Devices

Cloud Services

  • File Storage

  • Document Management

  • Team Collaboration

  • Share Securely

  • Ransomware Protection

  • Secure Remote Access

  • Data Governance

  • Audit Reporting

>Beta Test Launched 1st Qtr. 2022<

Bundle Jump Options

  • Save with flexible bundles

  • Numerous mix and match bundle options

  • Mix and Match Internet, Digital TV options and In-Islands Cloud Services

  • Find the plan to start out small and then grow with our service offering

Beach Hotel.jpg

Jump Hotel
Hospitality Offering

In-Room Hospitality Featuring:

  • Guest Welcome Screen

  • Guest Check-Out Screen

  • Food Ordering Options

  • Property Guest Services Offering

  • Customizable IPTV Streaming Options

  • Hotel Event Marketing

  • Images and Marketing are Customizable at the Hotel Level

  • 24/7 Support


On-Island Service

  • Superior Equipment

  • On-Island Support Team

  • State-of-the-Art Software and Hardware

  • Customer satisfaction our only goal

  • 24/7 Monitoring of On-Island Signal/System Performance

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